VINTAGE NAVAJO SQUASH BLOSSOM NECKLACE WITH KINGMAN TURQUOISE SIGNED BY BENJAMIN PIASO 1960's Old Pawn Navajo Concho Belt, Sterling Silver, Turquoise, Navajo Jewelry #Navajo squash Blossom, #Old pawn jewelry, #Turquoise Jewelry, #Southwest Jewelry, #New Mexico Jewelry, #Sterling Silver Jewelry, #Chip Inlay Turquoise
Benjamin Piaso Navajo Squash Blossom Necklace, Kingman Turquoise, Sterling Silver 1970's Old pawn Navajo Belt Buckle, Royston Turquoise, Sterling silver, 47 inches long, Signed by: Federico Jimenez Old Pawn Navajo Peyote Bird Squash Blossom, Chip Inlay Turquoise,sterling silver, Size: 24 inches Long
Old pawn Navajo cuff Bracelet with Kingman and Coral, sterling silver 1960's Old Pawn Navajo Concho Belt, Sterling Silver, Turquoise, Navajo Jewelry Navajo Cuff Bracelet Signed by Ernest Roy Begay
Old Pawn Navajo cuff bracelet with Old Kingman Turquoise and Natural Red Coral, INSIDE END TO END TIP: 5 INCHES NO INCLUDING GAP, GAP: 1 1/8 INCH, CIRCUMFERENCE; 6 1/8 INCHES, DIAMETER: 2 1/8 FRONT WIDTH: 2 1/2 INCH 1960's Old pawn Navajo Belt Buckle with beads on the center, Sterling silver, 49 inches long Vintage navajo Ernest Roy Begay with excellent beauty royston turquoise,sterling

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